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The 6x6 Defender

Introducing the unrivalled 6x6 Defender.

A truly unique stand-out project, the 6x6 is based on the iconic Defender 110 pickup. Sat on a specially designed galvanized chassis, the vehicle has a custom-made reinforced extended truck bed to accommodate hauling ATV’s across the demanding Arabian desert.

The 6x6 Defender sports a Desert Sand paint job with matt black accents. To maintain ride comfortability, the 6x6 sits upon six high-quality compression springs accompanied by two Fox struts for each spring, totalling a staggering amount of 12 struts.

To ensure the 6x6 Defender is up to the customer requirements, the vehicle is fitted with a high-end refurbished 4.2ltr Supercharged Range Rover Sport engine, producing 385hp at 550 Nm, 405 ft-lb. In addition to this, the interior has been redesigned for a more luxurious feel including a complete cabin re-trim with hand-trimmed black leather, elegant red stitching pattern and bespoke centre console.

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