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Landroid Custom Projects

From restoration to innovation, we're on a mission to reimagine modern motoring. By working with our clients to make their dream vehicle come to life, we place exceptional focus on the whole build - even the smallest detail. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid D90

Defender D90

A true “nut and bolt” rebuild with over 50% new parts including an engine modification. 

Landroid Mini

Classic Mini Cooper

Bringing back the traditional British Racing Green to its full glory with the complimentary addition of the white bonnet stripes and white roof. Widening the stance and adding wider wheels gives the classic Mini an aggressive but appealing look. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid Spectre

Defender 110 James Bond Spectre

Approached by a client to recreate the infamous James Bond Spectre Defender 110, the incredible double cab Defender 110 comes with body styling and enhancements to represent the iconic vehicle. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid Hue 166 Heritage

Hue 166 Heritage 

A luxurious take on an old classic, featuring a completely restored exterior keeping the classic Heritage look. Complete with black leather interior, Heritage elite sport heated seats, black Alcantara cab roof lining, visors, and pillars, black vinyl door cards and silver billet handles and switches, black leather soft-touch dash.

Land Rover Defender Landroid Italian Job Classic Mini

Italian Job Classic Mini

Land Rover Defender Landroid Atlas

The Atlas Defender

Sporting a show-stopping two-tone colour look, The Atlas is a true head turner. Boasting tinted windows, a Challenger Bead lock 16" x10" imitation wheel and custom external-full body roll cage while maintaining the recognisable Defender look. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid LD110

Defender LD110

A high end re-build with a straight-six, four-stroke cycle natural aspirated 2.8i M52 BMW engine featuring a Range Rover auto gearbox for fast and smooth gear shifts.

Land Rover Defender Landroid Convertible D90

Convertible D90

Hosting a reliable and strong 300TDI engine with hybrid turbo, full stainless exhaust system and automatic gearbox, the Defender D90 is composed of high end materials within a compact space. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid 6x6 110 Extended Pickup

6x6 Defender 110 Extended Pickup

A truly unique project, the 6x6 based on the iconic Defender 110 pickup has been modified tastefully to include a reinforced extended truck bed for on-the-go fun. Positioned on 6 high-standard compression springs accompanied by 2 Fox struts for a staggering amount of 12 struts.

Land Rover Defender Landroid Marine Rescue 110

The Marine Rescue Defender

The iconic Italian Job Mini required a minor restoration with several high standard upgrades to bring the classic car back to life like never before. 

Land Rover Defender Landroid D90 Baku

D90 Baku

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