A stunning ‘Resto-mod’ that stays true to the unique spirit of the classic Mini Cooper.


A returning client who wanted Landroid to implement the same build quality they’d experienced with their Defender, approached us with a request to do a complete ‘Resto-Mod’ of their Classic 1994 Mini Cooper. 

Not wanting to change the unique and appealing design of the classic mini, Landroid set about completely stripping the vehicle to its shell returning the original British Racing Green to its full glory with the complimentary addition of the white bonnet stripes and white roof. Widening the stance and adding wider wheels gives the classic mini an aggressive but appealing look. With LED front lights and tinted windows offering a modern but classy addition to the build.

Inside, the seats were retrimmed in tan with british racing green piping to connect the interior to the exterior. A custom centre console with the addition of air conditioning and an audio system, brings the driving experience bang up to date whilst retaining the classic feel.